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WiFi News
A future addition on this page.
Well keep you update on changes in the WiFi community.

Wi-Fi Service is here in Dadeville, Alabama! 

What is Wi-Fi - Well - it is short for ‘wireless fidelity’ and operates on frequency 802.11g & b.  Technology advancements have stabilized and secured this type of internet access and resulted in a reliable and economic alternative to DSL and Cable broadband services.

Our WiFi Packages



Our Service...

$9.95 - Our lowest cost package.

"Low Flow" - This package is only for the light internet user that just want to occasionally email and gets on line occasionally.  Guaranteed 256 up/down

$19.95 - Compare this to BellSouth or Charter

"Standard Flow" - Transmission Rate =  1.5 up/down

$29.95 - Heavy user Package

"Jet-Stream" - Transmission Rate =  3. up/down

Our WiFi Packages


$ Per Proposal -

Transmission packages for Business customers vary and depend on Internet applications.  Therefore, rates are provided at the time of quote.  All quotes follow a field signal strength test.

Network Expansion Plans

Well, we've met with the engineers, completed a plan and now we are set to go.  WIFI is underway!  We will update this page often.  Schedule is being finalized!

Jacksons Gap
Smith Mountain

County Rd 34 / Still Waters
Camp Hill


 Revised rollout schedule is under development.

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