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New classes start!

Class Schedule posted for sign up!  Call the office today to schedule a class.


Tips & Technique

Using the Control key of your keyboard offers shortcuts to performing some task that you may be searching for through menu options.


Highlight the text or item you want to change using your mouse:


Copy = Cntrl+C

Paste= Cntrl+V


Print = Cntrl+P



Beeps occur when starting PC - What do they mean?

In the event of a critical error during the POST (power on self test), most BIOSes (Basic Input/Output System) use beeps via the internal speaker (or external speakers in the case of voiced messages) to alert you to what’s wrong.

Common Problem:
Error messages on blue screen, after you install a new hardware device or new software

This is usually caused by a device driver that doesn’t match the version of Windows on which it is installed. Or just a poorly written driver.

This information changes monthly - save this page in your favorites!

It is what we don't know that waste our time ...

We are proud to offer personal instruction and training in computer understanding, the Internet and the variety of software most users have access to today.  If you don't see a class title or content below, call us and let us develop a class around your needs.  Our pricing is more than reasonable and we guarantee you'll achieve your objectives or its FREE
 October:  How to Use the Internet     Upcoming Classes



Introduction to your Computer and the Internet:

  Additional classes are being developed and will be posted soon - so check back with us often. 

This class is available

July 1, 2008. 



Emailing - "What does that mean?"
MSWord - "I just want to type and print simple things like recipes and directions"
Excel My first spreadsheet


Scanning / Printing "How to" basics and features.


Computer Language What is this (*^& trying to tell me.

This is a 2 hour class (refreshments provided) covers basic Internet familiarization ,"getting in the NET".  Call the office to register.


2 hours - class (4 available seats)

$50 per seat.



Cassie Davis    

Common Terms and Internet Glossary

Look it up using our tech-terms connection. 

Tech Terms Search Box

Consumer Tips

10 Password Do's and Don'ts

Parents Object to Permission Slip Fine Print

CFA Study: We Lag World on Broadband Discounts, Use .pdf

Study: Who Buys Travel Insurance?

Automated Collection Calls Harass Debt-free Consumers

$2 Gas on the Horizon

Group Sues Over Medicare Refunds Sent in Error

Study: Credit Fraud Alert System Broken

Behind the Scenes Spam War Heats Up

Companies Testing Paying You to Watch Ads

New DVD Has All Three Competing Formats in Layers

Overseas, Even the Rich Buy Counterfeit Goods

CA's Strict Emissions Rules Spread to other States

Is Your Contractor an Ex-Con?

12-inch Nonstick Skillets Under $50 Tested

Dell/Apple Laptop Batteries Banned on 3 Airlines

Laptop/Cell Batteries of Future May be Fuel Cells

Microsoft May Offer "Works" Online Free

Hospital Prices are Fixed, What You Pay Varies

Wal-mart to Offer $4 Generic Drugs







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