Our new Accelerator - Internet connection sharing with web browsing acceleration.

  • Significantly speeds-up web browsing & file downloading.

  • Web page caching - Web browsing at full LAN speed - no more World Wide Wait !

  • Website blocking & filtering

  • Logging - records web browsing activity of users.

  • Disable cookies - Online privacy protection and much more..

  • Also our new Accelerator is pre-configured to block most online banner advertisements thus saving bandwidth and money.

You can even use our new Accelerator in a standalone computer. No need to have a network of computers. Internet sharing is just one of the features of our new Accelerator.

1.0  Webpage Caching, Speeds-up web browsing & file downloads.

What is Caching and how does it speeds up browsing, saves Internet bandwidth and costs. ?

Browser Cache: When a Web page is requested, it is saved to disk. If it is required again, the disk copy is used. This technique is used in all web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.


Our new Accelerator Cache: In a proxy cache like, users request pages from a local server (the computer where the Accelerator is installed) instead of direct from the remote webserver. The Accelerator gets the page, saves it on disk and forwards it to the user. Subsequent requests from other users of the cache get the saved copy, which is much faster and does not consume Internet bandwidth. The real benefits accrue from using a proxy cache on a LAN with many users. Any new page accessed by anyone is stored in the the Accelerator cache. The next person to access that page gets the cached copy, at full LAN speed, rather than going to the remote source. Using a cache speeds up Web browsing & downloading of files significantly. This may be a thousand times faster, or more.


The Accelerator not only stores webpages but also all types of files including multimedia files - images, video, music, animations. So when users access these files it speeds up downloading of files significantly - at LAN speed.

2.0 Website blocking and filtering.

  • Blocks Banner Ads - By default, the Accelerator blocks most banner advertisements thus saving bandwidth and money.

  • Option to add any number of websites that should be blocked. Wild cards are supported. For example: http://ads.*

3.0  Online Privacy Protection Options for all users in the network.

  • Hide browsing footprints and preferences.

  • Disable cookies and selectively enable cookies for defined websites.

  • All users in the network can benefit by this global privacy option in the Accelerator. Individual users need not have any special software to protect their online privacy.

4.0  Supports any http (web) proxy server software.

This is useful when you use another any proxy server but would like to use cache features. You can also install the Accelerator on another machine and configure it to go through any proxy server software installed on another machine.


5.0  Option to enable direct connection to remote server port through https connection.

Most proxy software will not allow connection to a website that require a specific port number. For example: https://remotesite.com:8000 There is an option to enable access to one or more ports, but only through https connection.


6.0  Restrict users from downloading large files - movies, music files, by setting a limit in megabytes (MB)

7.0  Disable caching of specific websites.

8.0  Secure Proxy (SSL) service required to access Secure (https) sites is configurable in settings.ini


Distinctive Features

Regular Accelerator

Webpage and file caching, website blocking, access logging, privacy protection.

Pro Accelerator

see features listed below

The regular Accelerator and Pro versions supports the following Internet facilities:-

  • Email

  • World Wide Web

  • FTP (user@host) using any FTP clients

  • Usenet (NNTP)

  • Telnet

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

  • RealAudio and Real Video

  • Supports POP3 proxy for multiple email accounts.

  • Multiple SMTP servers

  • SOCKS 4 & 5 proxy

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) support using https proxy

  • FTP via Web browser

  • Domain Name Service

  • ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger

  • TCP & UDP Mapping proxy

  • Runs in system tray - minimizes into an icon in system tray near the system clock.

  • Support for Ping, Tracert using Accelshell client software

  • Security Feature - Allow or Deny access to specific IP addresses

    • You can use this feature to secure the accel/gateway machine and your entire network against any attack from Internet, especially when you are using cable modem, ADSL or satellite connection.

  • Allow or deny access to specific file types.

    • Using this advanced feature you can block access to java applets, gif, jpg, exe, zip files or any file types to the entire network. And allow access only to specific file types, like htm, html, txt files etc.

You can use all the above facilities in every computer in your Home or Business Network which are not directly connected to Internet. Our new accelerator can share a single Internet connection with nearly any type of computer running TCP/IP.

Remember - if you have questions, call the office:  256-825-7031